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About Angeline

Angeline is a lifelong learner who recently earned her Master's in Human-Computer Interaction at Iowa State University. She currently works as a Founding Product Designer at Teal Towns. Previously, she studied graphic design and art. 



She has a deep passion for creating technology that is simple, intuitive, and accessible to all people, including disabilities. 



In the past, she has worked for various industries, including healthcare, tourism, manufacturing, non-profits, and climate change. She likes to be challenged and solve different problems.

Outside of design

You will find her thrifting, reading books, gardening, and playing badminton with her friends. :) 

Graduation picture

What sets her apart

  • Staying consistent

  • Meticulous 

  • Finish what she starts

  • Self-driven

  • Proactive

  • ...and she is trilingual 

Printmaking class

DSC_0148 (1)_edited.jpg

Teamwork Achievement

Won 1st place in a 36-hour UX hackathon for a student budget meal-planning app 

She participated in a UX hackathon event with three other graduate students, using the Design Thinking process to create a budget meal planning mobile application for students. Her team then presented the final work for review by a panel of 6 UX professionals and was awarded first prize.

Final day of USABILAHTON with my team members holding our mobile app

Thanks for stopping by my portfolio!

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